Microsoft Ends Partnership Agreement with Dovetail + New MSFS 2020 Development Update

Microsoft has ended the partnership agreement with Dovetail Games in regard to Flight Simulator X Steam Edition. Moreover, the team have posted another brief development update and schedule concerning MSFS 2020.  First, the statement regarding the partnership with Dovetail. In 2014 Microsoft entered into an agreement allowing Dovetail Games to bring Flight Simulator X to Steam. Today, we are announcing that we’ve reached the end of our partnership agreement. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere … READ MORE

Aeroplane Heaven 2019/2020 Project Roadmap

Aeroplane Heaven has posted a comprehensive project roadmap for the remainder of 2019 moving forward into 2020. You may note, there are numerous aircraft due for release in the coming months as well as many new projects ahead. Given the depth of the roadmap, I will not try to paraphrase and have included the entire article below. A ROAD MAP FOR THE FUTURE. It’s mid-year, end of our financial year in Australia and next year will be our 20th. Anniversary. … READ MORE

QualityWings 787 Service Pack Info, 787-10, and MSFS 2020

The development team at QualityWings have posted some new information and previews concerning the next 787 service pack (V1.2). Aside from ongoing bug fixes, the update will include the new 787-10 variant as well as various other general improvements. Please see below for a list of changes. 787-10 variant reworked weather radar vPilot integration GSX door control support improved display fonts/looks improved panelstate system engine windmilling According to QualityWings, most aspects of the update are already in a “pretty advanced … READ MORE

HiFi Summer 2019 Development News + Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Damian Clark of HiFi Simulation Technologies has posted a brief development update concerning various ongoing projects and initiatives. Instead of paraphrasing, I have included the most important section below. -We continue working to bring our cloud depiction visual replacement technology to X-Plane. We are getting closer, but have some work yet to do mainly in the performance department when complex cloud scenes exist. In addition to the visuals technology, we are working on other enhancements and exciting new features for … READ MORE

CNBC Article Regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

News organization CNBC has published an interesting article regarding the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) announcement. The story includes some general background information as well as quotations and perspectives from various industry insiders including Reed Stough (REX Game Studios), Winfried Diekmann (Aerosoft), Austin Meyer (Laminar Research), and Robert Ferraro (PC Aviator). Certainly worth a read, check out the article by Jordan Novet titled, “Microsoft’s Flight Simulator reveal this month shocked fanatics who hadn’t seen an upgrade in 13 years.” Keep … READ MORE

Microsoft Issues Statement Regarding New Flight Simulator

Microsoft has officially issued a statement regarding the recent Flight Simulator (2020) announcement. The statement clarifies several critical items and formally confirms support of third party content. Read the complete press release below. ————————— This sentence from Leonardo da Vinci embodies the driving force behind the Microsoft Flight Simulator team. And while all of us have our own personal associations with flight, the entire team is committed to the singular goal of capturing the artistry, mastery, and essence of flying. … READ MORE

Flight Sim Labs, General Development Update and More

Flight Sim Labs has posted a general development update regarding various ongoing projects as well as other relevant topics such as the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator announcement and changes to eCcommerce processing. First, with respect to ongoing aircraft development, Flight Sim Labs separates this information by project. ————————— Airbus A321-X “Work continues on the A321-X – we will provide a separate announcement with more details on exciting new features and new functionality as time goes by, but we think the … READ MORE

Microsoft’s Executive VP of Gaming Comments Regarding Flight Simulator Announcement

As part of a recent interview with PC Gamer, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Executive VP of Gaming provided some insight into the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator announcement. The interview discusses some of the lead up and thinking behind the project as well as various technical items. For example, the program has access to 2 petabytes of geographical data that is seamlessly stitched using Azure AI. Anyways, instead of paraphrasing, it’s best to read the original article. Please note, the link jumps … READ MORE

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