IndiaFoxtEcho TA-4J, Blue Angels

Before jumping into the latest project preview, keep in mind that the FSX versus Prepar3D V4.4 poll is still ongoing and the latter appears to be winning.  This means that there is a reasonable likelihood the IndiaFoxtEcho TA-4J will support Prepar3D V4.4 only. Anyways, aside from the platform compatibility debate, the developer has posted a new screenshot showcasing the legacy … Read More

Whiskey Jet Airbus A220, Nighttime Video Teaser

Last previewed in late December, Whiskey Jet Simulations has posted a new nighttime video teaser once again showcasing the Airbus A220 for FSX and possibly earlier versions of Prepar3D.  According to the developer, “Hi all, just a quick video of where we are at with night lighting.  Now on to the fun part, the landing, taxi and runway turn-off splashes.” … Read More

Orbx TE GB South for Prepar3D, London

Orbx has posted a brand new set of preview images showcasing the London metropolitan area in TrueEarth Great Britain South for Prepar3D.  According to John Venema, “Time to show off just how magnificent London looks in P3Dv4.4!”  Keep in mind, London was previously said to be one of the last components of the complete scenery package. Check out London below. … Read More

Realworld Scenery Ultimate VFR New York Part 2, Released

Realworld Scenery has released Ultimate VFR New York State Part 2 for FSX and Prepar3D.  The package includes approximately 4,422 square miles of detailed scenery coverage moving east from Part 1.  Similar to the previous instalment, features include high resolution photo ground imagery, winter snow textures, custom autogen placement, redeveloped light technology for nighttime roads, water visibility improvements, and corrections … Read More

WF Scenery Studio Zhengzhou Xinzheng, Rain Effects

First announced back in late December, WF Scenery Studio has posted several new preview images from ZHCC, Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport.  Specifically, the preview images offer a peek at ground based rain effects.  Keep in mind, there is still no official release timeline although the project is obviously at an advanced stage of development. The airport is the principal aviation facility … Read More

FS2Crew Ultimate Ground Crew X, More Progress

Bryan from FS2Crew has published a brief status update concerning the developers upcoming Ultimate Ground Crew X software addon.  According to Bryan, “Beta testing is going well.  We have some real-world rampers on the beta team or who are making sure it’s as real as it gets.”  Moreover, with respect to a possible release timeline, Bryan remarks, “I won’t comment, … Read More

FlyTampa, Las Vegas Lights

Last previewed back in December alongside the message “coming soon,” FlyTampa has shared another teaser image from KLAS, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport for Prepar3D V4.  The teaser image offers a distant nighttime view of the Las Vegas strip from the airport tarmac.  Keep in mind, there is still no official release timeline. Check out the teaser below. The project … Read More

QualityWings Ultimate 146 Collection, Version 1.5

QualityWings Simulations has released a new product update for the Ultimate 146 Collection.  The update is applicable to both 32-bit and 64-bit users.  According to the developer, “In an effort to further enhance your experience this update resolves many issues which have been reported on our forums.”  For reference purposes, the update brings the software up to version 1.5. Please … Read More

UK2000 2019 Development Update

UK2000 has posted a brief 2019 update concerning ongoing projects as well as future airport development. First, Bournemouth Xtreme is almost finished and release is planned for mid February.  Keep in mind, as previously reported, this represents the final project from the Xtreme product series.  Although UK2000 will continue to maintain legacy Xtreme airports, there will be no further updates to … Read More

Aerosoft CRJ 700 / 900, Service Pack 1A

Aerosoft has released Service Pack 1A with regards to the Digital Aviation Bombardier CRJ 700 / 900 X.  The latest product updates brings the software up to version (Revision 367) and is applicable to both 32-bit and 64-bit installations.  Keep in mind, continued 32-bit development was ended as of Service Pack 1 although both Aerosoft and Digital Aviation continue … Read More

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