Drzewiecki Design Chicago, Unusual Easter Egg

Drzewiecki Design has posted several new preview renders showcasing a unique easter egg to be included as part of the developers Chicago airport project.  Specifically, as part of the ongoing static aircraft design initiative, Drzewiecki has modeled N345AN, the American Airlines Boeing 767-300 that caught fire at O’Hare back in 2016.   According to the developer, “the accident happened at O’Hare so it can be placed in some hangar as an easter egg”.  The entire 767 family is being developed … READ MORE

Aerosoft Köln Bonn Airport by Jo Erlend, New Previews

Jo Erlend via Aerosoft has posted some new preview images showcasing the latest build of the developers Köln Bonn Airport scenery.  The project is looking absolutely stunning and appears to be progressing nicely.  Initially planned for Prepar3D V4 only, a 32-bit version is expected at a later date.  Moreover, with regards to a potential X-Plane 11 version, Jo comments, “Regarding an X-Plane version, most likely there will be an X-Plane port later on, though it’s not being worked on at the … READ MORE

MP Design Studio Aérospatiale SA 315B Lama, Released

MP Design Studio has released the Aérospatiale SA 315B Lama for FSX and Prepar3D.  Originally designed to meet hot and high operational requirements of the Indian and Nepalese Armed Forces, the Lama is a uniquely versatile machine.  First introduced in the late 1960s, many examples are still flying today. The final release product certainly looks very good, nicely representative of the helicopters minimalistic design characteristics. Check out a selection of official release images below. It was previously stated by the … READ MORE

Aeroplane Heaven Announces Hurricane Mk1A

Aeroplane Heaven has announced development of the Hurricane Mk1A and posted several early project renders.  The Hurricane is a British single seat fighter aircraft originally introduced in the mid 1930s.  Service wise, the aircraft was integral to the Royal Air Force in the second world war fighting in all major theatres. The initial aircraft renders certainly look very good, I know many will be following this development closely. Please see below for a selection of project previews. To see the … READ MORE

Charity Scenery Project London Heliport, Released

The wonderful Charity Scenery Project has released EGLW, London Heliport for Prepar3D V4.  Currently known as NetJets London Heliport by way of sponsorship, the facility is located in Battersea on the south bank of the River Thames.  Interestingly, EGLW is London’s only licensed heliport. With regards to the developer, the Charity Scenery Project is a non profit development organization producing sceneries for charity.  Basically, products are sold at a nominal fee with all proceeds donated directly to a worthwhile charitable … READ MORE

MK-Studios Lisbon, More Project Previews

MK-Studios has posted several new preview images from the developers upcoming Lisbon scenery project for Prepar3D V4.  The latest previews showcase both airport and city progress as the project continues to push forwards towards the final development stage. Check out a selection of the latest project development images below. Last previewed earlier this month, the scenery certainly appears to be coming together nicely, see our post dated August 6, 2018 for more. To review the original imagery source as well … READ MORE

Aerosoft Airbus 320 + 321, Overhead Panel and Release Target

Aerosoft has announced the initial release date target for the Airbus Professional 320 + 321 package.  According to Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft, “I am now looking at August 30 (unless there are unexpected issues)”.  Presumably, this means SP1 for the 318 + 319 will also be released around the same time as both packages are expected to share the same systems status. Moreover, project developer Stefan Hoffmann has posted some new images and information illustrating technical differences between narrowbody overhead … READ MORE

Aerosoft Airbus Professional, 32-bit A330 Likely

Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft has disclosed some new information regarding potential 32-bit compatibility for the Airbus Professional Series.  Basically, there is a high likelihood the Airbus 330 will be converted to 32-bit, however, narrowbody aircraft will remain 64-bit only.  Please see below for the complete statement. We just had a meeting to make some decisions and we have decided that we’ll NOT do new 32 bit busses but that an 32 bit A330 will most likely be done (mainly because there … READ MORE

Turbulent + Orbx Idaho Falls, More Previews

Iain Emms of Orbx has posted another set of preview images showcasing Idaho Falls by Turbulent Designs coming soon to Orbx Direct.  The airport represents the second scenery by Turbulent Designs to be transferred over to the Orbx ecosystem, the first being Big Bear City Airport.  Eventually, all past and future Turbulent products will be distributed via Orbx. Unlike the comprehensive Big Bear rework, there doesn’t appear to be any significant updates beyond the addition of certain flow technologies. Check out … READ MORE

Godzone Virtual Flight Christchurch, Progress Update

Godzone Virtual Flight has posted a brief progress update and single teaser image from the developers upcoming Christchurch International Airport project.  According to the developer, “Still working on the business-end of the main terminal, adding the jetways, clutter etc.”.  Last previewed back in July, the scenery certainly appears to be progressing nicely. Check out the latest project teaser below On a similar note, Flightbeam Studios recently announced development of Wellington International Airport and further disclosed that Auckland would follow soon … READ MORE

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