Video, PMDG Boeing 747-8 Features and Cockpit Tour

A video previewing the upcoming PMDG Boing 747-8 aircraft has been released via YouTube by user oal260. The video provides a cockpit tour and explores various product features including the electronic flight bag. Keep in mind, the airplane as shown is in the early beta stage and as such, may exibit slight errors. Nevertheless, it’s great to see this project pushing forward, I know there is a tremendous level of excitement in the community for this eventual release. Anyways, please … Read More

Small Friday Update, Aerosoft Airbus 330 Professional

Developer Stefan Hoffmann has posted a small Friday update showcasing landing gear progress with regards to the in development Aerosoft Airbus 330 aircraft.  As you can see per the below images, detailing of the main landing gear has advanced well and is nearing completion. Next, work is to begin on the bay itself.  I know the community is extremely excited about the eventual release of this product and that expectations are high.  To see the original posting and image source, … Read More

TFDi Design Releases Performance Update for Boeing 717

TFDi Design has released yet another update for their Boeing 717 aircraft.  Performance update includes multiple improvements including a new display rendering system and new texture processing system.  These new systems are said to result in a notable performance improvement in the simulator. Please see below for the full update description as per the developers official forum announcement: Folks, as promised, we have made several changes in to improve performance, and preliminary testing results have shown remarkable improvements. … Read More

Introducing Orbx ESNQ, Kiruna, & ESSD, Dala Airport

Marcus Nyberg of Orbx has posted his project introduction and initial preview images of ESNQ, Kiruna Airport, and EDDS, Dala Airport.  The scenery package will include both airfields complete in usual Orbx style and feature a rarely seen detail, 3D snow!  This feature is clearly visible in several screenshots adding yet another layer of immersion.  Personally, I think it looks fantastic and look forward to testing in the simulator. Firstly, let’s take a look at some screenshots from ESNQ, Kiruna … Read More

Just Flight Traffic Global, Early Access this Week

Just Flight has announced the planned release of Traffic Global, early access, later this week. Early access means that the product is not 100% complete, however, it is at an advanced stage of development and usable – basically, for early adopters. Traffic Global is to be the latest generation of AI traffic software with accurate flight plans and detailed FPS friendly AI models. Several preview screenshots have been included with this post in addition to the above preview video.  If … Read More

More Paris Orly by Jetstream Designs

Jetstream Designs has released more development screenshots of their LFPO, Paris Orly Airport project via Facebook.  According to the developer, terminal work is currently in the advanced stages of development and interior objects will be added shortly.  Both modeling and texture work look very good and the project is progressing nicely. Orly is major international airport located just outside of Paris, France and serves as a secondary hub for Air France.  The airport is the second busiest in France after … Read More

Aeroplane Heaven Bristol Bulldog Progress

Aeroplane Heaven have released several screenshots of their in development Bristol Bulldog project via their Facebook page.  The Bulldog was a single seat biplane fighter aircraft designed during the 1920s operated by the British Royal Air Force.  Such an amazing historical airplane full of brass, alloy, and leather. To date, the progress screenshot look both very detailed and very promising.  The project is certainly perfect for this developers niche and I have no doubt they will do the aircraft justice.  … Read More

MilViz Posts More SR-71 Blackbird Previews

The previews continue to roll in from MilViz with respect to their in development SR-71 Blackbird aircraft.  The SR-71 is a long range reconnaissance aircraft developed by Lockheed that was historically operated by the United States Air Force.  It is capable of speeds exceeding Mach 3 and altitudes up to 85,000 feet.  This project will be something special, the speed, the altitude, the challenge of handling such an amazing technological marvel.  Several preview images of both the interior virtual cockpit … Read More

Alabeo Cessna 421 Golden Eagle Coming Soon

Alabeo has released several screenshots previewing their upcoming Cessna 421 Golden Eagle aircraft for FSX and Prepar3D. The Cessna 421 is a pressurized six or seven seat light transport aircraft originally developed in the 1960s that is very much known for its speed. As always from Alabeo, the modeling and textures look fantastic, performance, flight dynamics, and system depth is the question. The wait may not be long, according to their Facebook page, release is “coming soon”! Attached to this … Read More

More Preview Screenshots from Orbx YBCG, Gold Coast International Airport

Iain Emms of Orbx has posted his first preview screenshots of the recently announced YBCG, Gold Coast International Airport scenery by Matteo Veneziani.  I really am excited about this product and thrilled with the apparent recent return to Australia by Orbx.  It has been previously stated that a completely updated Australia region may be in the works as well, however, as far as I know, there is no timeline for this update. Several preview screenshots have been added to this … Read More

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