Flightbeam Studios Portland + Flight One Ultimate Traffic Live

Bill Womack via iBlueYonder has posted several new preview images showcasing the developers upcoming Flightbeam Studios KPDX, Portland International Airport scenery alongside Flight One Ultimate Traffic Live.  According to Bill, “Just tried Ultimate Traffic Live from Flight One on Mir’s suggestion.  It really works well with KPDX!  The best part: nearly zero frame rate hit.  Color me impressed.” Check out … Read More

PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather, Status Update

PILOT’S has published a new status update concerning FS Global Real Weather and Prepar3D version 4.4 compatibility as well as upcoming X-Plane enhancements.  According to a post via Facebook and with respect to Prepar3D version 4.4 compatibility, “The good news is, it is not too far away as of now.  The bad news is, we won’t make it for the … Read More

Fly the Maddog X, PBR Teaser

The Fly the Maddog X development team have posted a new teaser image demonstrating the implementation of native PBR materials with respect to the existing MD-82 aircraft model for Prepar3D V4.  According to a post via Facebook, “As now P3D v4.4 natively supports PBR on materials, we are at work full steam to upgrade our model accordingly (for a free … Read More

Orbx OpenLC Africa Delayed + Australia V2 New Information

Over the past several weeks via the Orbx discussion forums, John Venema has disclosed some new information concerning both OpenLC Africa as well as AU Australia V2.  Firstly, OpenLC Africa has been delayed, according to John, “OpenLC Africa has been pushed back to February so we can finish TrueEarth Great Britain South for P3D.  These sorts of delays will be … Read More

FlyTampa Prepar3D Version 4.4 PBR Test

FlyTampa has posted a new demonstration video showcasing PBR effects using Prepar3D version 4.4.  According to a post via Facebook, “Some goofing around RnD work, that shows the stunning potential of Prepar3D4.4’s new PBR surfacing.”  Please note, there was no specific clarification regarding future implementation. Check out the demonstration video below. To review the original preview post including accompanying commentary, … Read More

A2A Accu-sim Comanche + Cherokee, Product Updates

A2A Simulations has released several new product updates for the developers Accu-sim Cherokee 180 and Comanche 250, both for Prepar3D V4.  As expected, these updates feature the addition of Dynamic Rain Effects as well as several other fixes and general improvements.  Keep in mind, the developer is currently in the process of adding dynamic rain features to all Prepar3D V4 … Read More

PMDG, Prepar3D Version 4.4 and More

Robert Randazzo of PMDG has published a new statement regarding Prepar3D version 4.4 as well as several other items.  Firstly, the development team is finalizing testing with respect to a new update for the 747 Queen of the Skies II product line.  According to Robert, “It is a pretty comprehensive update with quite a few feature improvements, efficiency enhancements and … Read More

Orbx Tyabb Airport, More Previews

First announced earlier this week, Iain Emms of Orbx has posted a new set of preview images showcasing Tyabb Airport for Prepar3D by Jordan Gough.  Located nearby Melbourne, Australia, the airport is a busy general aviation facility.  Beyond the airport itself, the scenery features approximately 85 square kilometres of the surrounding area in high resolution photo imagery. Check out a … Read More

Released, Just Flight Avro Vulcan B Mk2 + Expansion Pack

Just Flight has released the Avro Vulcan B Mk2 strategic bomber for FSX and Prepar3D.  Developed by Just Flight’s internal development team, the aircraft is a highly realistic representation of the real world model.  Moreover, in addition to the base package, Just Flight has also released an expansion pack which includes the air-to-air refueling variant as well as the maritime … Read More

FSDreamTeam Chicago O’Hare V2, PBR Preview and More

Following the release of Prepar3D V4.4, FSDreamTeam has posted a new preview video demonstrating native PBR materials to be included as part of the developers upcoming Chicago O’Hare V2 airport scenery.  Additionally, via the FSDreamTeam forums, virtuali has provided some new information regarding release date expectations and product compatibility.  Specifically, according to virtuali and with respect to O’Hare V2, “Hint: … Read More

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