X-Plane Mobile, Update News

The team at Laminar Research have posted a new teaser image and some additional information regarding the upcoming (major) update for X-Plane Mobile. According to a post via Facebook, “Our X-Plane Mobile update schedule has changed a bit but that is because we decided to do even more with this update. We can’t wait to share more this fall!” Shortly thereafter, the developer provides some further clarification, “New Plan: Add global scenery, introduce over 10,000 desktop-quality 3D airports, redo the … Read More

Major Update Coming this Summer, X-Plane Mobile

As previously announced at FlightSimExpo, Laminar Research is currently in the process of preparing a major update for X-Plane Mobile. The most significant upgrade is the addition of over 10,000 Scenery Gateway airports converted for mobile use. In total, the program will feature 35,659 airports including 10,257 3D Gateway airports. According to Laminar, scenery will be downloaded as required when a new flight is started. Then, when no longer needed, the items can be deleted from your device or stored … Read More

X-Plane for Mobile Version 10.8, Released

Laminar Research has released X-Plane for Mobile version 10.8.  This update was previously previewed by way of teaser image earlier this month, see our post from May 5, 2018 to review.  Features implemented as part of this update include (PBR) rendering and reflections, iPhone X support, a brand new 747 cockpit, and various flight model improvements. Check out some release images below. It’s great to see this update finally released, I know many flight simulation road warriors will be pleased.  … Read More


Laminar Research has released a new teaser image showcasing the implementation of new manipulators for the updated 747 cockpit for the upcoming X-Plane V10.8 for Mobile. Although I have not yet tested this platform, it is an interesting alternative to traditional flight simulation when on the go. Certainly seems like a reasonable method of draining battery life! To keep up with any future updates, visit their office Facebook page.