X-Plane 11.30, Scenery Gateway Airport Updates

As X-Plane 11.30 moves closer to a stable release build, Laminar Research continues to provide information regarding specific improvements and features included as part of the most recent platform update.  One such improvement is a large scale addition of new scenery gateway airports.  In fact, X-Plane 11.30 includes over 1300 new or improved default airports throughout the world. To provide … Read More

Released, JustSim + Digital Design Tenerife South, X-Plane 11

Announced just yesterday, JustSim and Digital Design have released GCTS, Tenerife South for X-Plane 11.  The scenery is a highly detailed and accurate rendition of the real world airport facility.  Moreover, beyond the airport itself, the scenery package includes a significant portion of the surrounding area.  Keep in mind, the release is a technical port from the existing version for Prepar3D V4 … Read More

Skyline Simulations KCVG, Concourse A

Skyline Simulations continues to actively preview the developers Cincinnati airport project.  As most are probably already aware, Skyline is currently working on a comprehensive product update for the existing X-Plane 11 version as well as new version for Prepar3D V4.  The latest preview renders offer a peek at Concourse A design work including some interior detail.  According to the developer, … Read More

JustSim + Digital Design, Tenerife South Imminent, X-Plane 11

JustSim and Digital Design have partnered once again, this time to bring GCTS, Tenerife South to X-Plane 11.  You may recall, back in October, the team made a similar arrangement with respect to Brussels Airport.  Anyways, Digital Design originally released Tenerife South in May, now, according to JustSim and with regards to the X-Plane 11 port, “Files have already been … Read More

Aerobask Epic E1000, G1000 Edition Coming Soon

Aerobask has posted a new set of preview screenshots showcasing the developers upcoming Epic E1000, G1000 Edition for X-Plane.  According to the developer, “We expect to release soon a new version of our E1000.  The G1000 Edition, with Touch Screen feature.  The aircraft is rebuilt.”  Keep in mind, this is not an upgrade to the existing E1000 Skyview model but … Read More

SkyMaxx Pro, Version 4.7

Maxx-XP, in cooperation with Sundog Software, have released a new product update for SkyMaxx Pro.  The latest update brings the software up to version 4.7 and features a number of incremental improvements to the existing build.  Perhaps most important and as previously reported, the primary improvement relates to integration with PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather. According to Maxx-XP, “The FS … Read More

Thranda Pilatus PC-6 Porter, Interior Renders

Thranda Design has posted a new set of preview renders showcasing the developers in progress Pilatus PC-6 Porter for X-Plane 11.  Specifically, the latest renders offer the first peek at the interior of the aircraft.  According to the developer, “Well, time for some interior shots: This obviously doesn’t show it fully textured yet, but sometimes that’s a better way to … Read More

Aerosoft Faroe Islands XP by Maps2XPlane, Released

Maps2XPlane in cooperation with Albert Ràfols have released Faroe Islands XP.  Published by Aerosoft, the scenery includes the complete Faroe Islands archipelago as well as a highly detailed rendition of Vágar Airport.  Moreover, other product features include high resolution terrain mesh throughout, custom seasonal textures, Faroese themeed autogen, dynamic traffic, numerous helipads, PBR materials, and much more. Check out a selection … Read More

SimCoders + JRollon SIAI-Marchetti SF260D, Product Update

SimCoders, in cooperation with JRollon Planes, have released a new product update for the Reality Expansion Pack.  Unlike previous updates, the latest release build is primarily directed towards the SIAI-Marchetti SF260D.  You may recall, the aircraft was a joint partnership between JRollon Planes and SimCoders.  Originally released back in November, the aircraft natively features Reality Expansion Pack technology.  Anyways, the … Read More

PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather, 64-bit

PILOT’S has released a new product update for FS Global Real Weather.  Specifically, the latest build offers 64-bit compatibility with both Prepar3D version 4.4 and X-Plane 11.  In addition to compatibility upgrades, the release feature various general improvements. Moreover, specifically with respect to the 64-bit version for X-Plane 11, PILOT’S has made a new cooperative agreement with Maxx-XP, in collaboration … Read More

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