Skyline Simulations Terni, Ground Progress

Skyline Simulations has posted several new preview captures showcasing ongoing progress with regards to the developers LIAA, Alvaro Leonardi Airport project for X-Plane 10 and 11.  Located in Terni, Italy, the project was already previewed earlier … READ MORE

MSK Jinnah International Airport, Released

MSK Productions has released OPKC, Jinnah International Airport for X-Plane 11.  Located in Karachi, Pakistan, the airport is the busiest aviation facility in the country serving nearly 7 million passengers per annum.  Moreover, the facility serves … READ MORE

Aerosoft Tromsø XP, Released

Aerosoft has released Tromsø XP for X-Plane 11 by Jo Erlend and Stairport Sceneries.  The package includes both Tromsø Airport and a significant portion of the surrounding area featuring approximately 121 square kilometres of photoreal scenery.  Located … READ MORE

VSkyLabs, August Development Update

VSkyLabs Aerospace Simulations has posted a development update addressing several ongoing projects including the ‘Cricket’ autogyro, DC-3 / C-47 flying lab, and Guimbal Cabri G2, all for X-Plane 11.  Perhaps most exciting is confirmation that the … READ MORE

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