FlyTampa Announces Thessaloniki for X-Plane 11

GREECE – FlyTampa has officially announced LGTS, Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia” for X-Plane 11. Accompanying the project announcement, the developer included several preview images showcasing the terminal building, surrounding area, and sloped runway. Moreover and perhaps most … READ MORE

X-Plane 11, Vulkan Test Flight

The development team at Laminar Research have shared an interesting post (including screenshots) regarding a recent test flight using Vulkan API in X-Plane 11. The post describes a flight between Melbourne and Sydney using an unmodified … READ MORE

Ultra Weather XP Version 2.6, Sunset

Following last week’s extended sky colour preview, Abdullah Almuntassir has posted several additional WIP screenshots showcasing the upcoming Version 2.6 update for Ultra Weather XP. According to Abdullah, the images illustrate the new high definition sun … READ MORE

VerticalSim Studios Spokane, Still More

UNITED STATES – VerticalSim Studios has once again posted a couple more preview images showcasing the developers upcoming KGEG, Spokane International Airport for X-Plane 11. Moreover, VerticalSim has posted a current coverage map in regard to … READ MORE

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