VSkyLabs Solar Impulse 2, Project Update

VSkyLabs has posted a new project update with regards to the developers in progress Solar Impulse 2 for X-Plane 11.  According to the developer, the aircraft represents the most challenging VSkyLabs project to date.  Specifically, the depth and complexity of the aircraft is beyond that of any other past project.  Nonetheless, after approximately three years of development, the Solar Impulse … Read More

Everest Park 3D for X-Plane 11, Preview Videos

Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini have released several new preview videos showcasing Lukla Airport to be included as part of the upcoming Everest Park 3D scenery for X-Plane 11.  Last previewed earlier this month, the scenery is to feature eight mountains in complete 3D detail, that being Everest, Lhotze, Nuptze, Makalu, Baruntze, Tengboche, Pumori, and Amadablan.  Moreover, the package is … Read More

SimCoders + JRollon Planes, SIAI-Marchetti SF260D

SimCoders, together with JRollon Planes, have announced the SIAI-Marchetti SF260D for X-Plane.  The aircraft was technically announced earlier this year, however, the collaboration with SimCoders is certainly a big addition to the overall project.  According to SimCoders, “After months of work on this beautiful aircraft side by side with JRollon Planes, I’m happy to announce one of our next Reality Expansion Pack airplanes … Read More

Skyline Announces Study Level Dash 8-200/300

Skyline Simulations has announced development of the Dash 8-200/300 for X-Plane.  According to the developer, “The Dash 8-200/300 will be a ‘study level’ (Realistic!) simulation of the real world aircraft, featuring accurate flight dynamics and systems simulation.  In addition, the UNS-1 Universal FMS System will also be simulated!” With regards to current project status, Skyline clarifies, “Work is underway on … Read More

VSkyLabs Guimbal Cabri G2, Version 1.1b1

VSkyLabs Aerospace Simulations has released version 1.1b1 with regards to the developers Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter for X-Plane 11.  Version 1.1b1 is a significant update to the entire propulsion system covering all aspects of the flight envelope.  Moreover, the update offers various general improvements and fixes to the existing model.  Released earlier this month, the project is classified as ‘under … Read More

Ultra Weather XP Version 2.5, Sky Presentation

Earlier this month, Abdullah Almuntassir of Ultra Weather XP posted several new preview images demonstrating sky colour options to be included as part of the upcoming version 2.5 update for X-Plane 11.  According to Abdullah, “New Feature!  You can control the presentation way of sky colors as you like!!”  Keep in mind, there is currently no official release timeline, however, … Read More

Drzewiecki Design, Static Boeing 717

Over the past several months, Drzewiecki Design has been busy updating the developers static aircraft library.  As part of this ongoing initiative, Drzewiecki has updated the entire Gulfstream series, implemented a new CRJ model, and even created a damaged 767.  However, attention has now shifted to the Boeing 717 series, according to the developer, “Some more static a/c.  Delta has … Read More

Gaya Simulations Announces Brussels, X-Plane 11

Gaya Simulations has officially announced development of EBBR, Brussels Airport for X-Plane 11.  According to the developer, “We are really happy and exciting to announce Brussuls [sic] International Airport for X-plane 11 (and a new Gaya logo).  P3D users- a bit of patient for your announcement.”  Moreover, accompanying the project announcement, Gaya posted a single teaser image offering a peek … Read More

TorqueSim, Pocket Rocket Renders

TorqueSim has posted a new set of preview renders showcasing the developers in progress Pocket Rocket for X-Plane 11.  Announced back in late August, the latest preview renders offer a peek at external modeling as well as some internal design work.  The Pocket Rocket is an Impulse 100 with a reinforced airframe and 450 horsepower turbine engine. Check out a … Read More

Skyline Simulations, More Terni Ground Work

Skyline Simulations has posted a new teaser image from the developers upcoming LIAA, Alvaro Leonardi Airport project for X-Plane 10 and 11.  The scenery has been previewed several times over the past few weeks and continues to make considerable progress.  With regards to the latest teaser image, the developer offers yet another peek at ongoing ground work. Terni is a … Read More

PropStrike Quatam River, Rainy Morning

PropStrike Studio has posted several new preview images showcasing the developers upcoming Quatam River Airport scenery for X-Plane 11.  Accompanying the preview images, the developer comments, “Just a rainy morning at Quatam.  Night lighting and water puddles on the ground added, every day we move forward a little bit more.” Check out some examples below. To review the original imagery … Read More

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