Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy, More Preview Images

Originally announced back in December, Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini have published a new set of preview images from Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy for X-Plane 11.  Located in Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park, the scenery includes not only the namesake mountains but approximately 500 square kilometres of surrounding area including the town of El Chalten, a representative virtual airport, and several helipads.

The latest preview captures offer a detailed peek at the town of El Chalten as well as the nearby virtual airport.  To clarify, the airport is not real but has been inserted into the scenery as a matter of convenience – the nearest real world airport is well beyond the coverage area.

Check out a selection of the latest preview images below.

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To review the complete gallery, see the source post via Frank’s Alpine Scenarios blog.

For those interested, the team also released Everest Park 3D for X-Plane 11 back in early December.

*Images courtesy of Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini.

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