Colimata Concorde, Pre-Release Video + Liveries

YouTube channel Avinations has posted a new pre-release video trailer showcasing the upcoming Colimata Concorde for X-Plane 11. Specifically, according to the accompanying description, “The Concorde shown in the video is a Beta v0.99 version. It will be released soon as v1.00 and will be improved by further updates.” Keep in mind, as previously reported, early access release is planned for mid May.

Moreover, in anticipation of release, numerous liveries (by a variety of designers including Hsolov4, Matt Designs, Christoph_T, and Emma Bentley) have been uploaded to the file library. Check out some examples below.

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For more information about the project, visit the official preview thread via the forums. You may recall, back in April, Colimata also posted a preliminary features list.

*Video courtesy of Avinations, images courtesy of Hsolov4, Matt Designs, Christoph_T, and Emma Bentley.

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