Colimata Concorde, New Previews + Status Update

Colimata has posted a new status update as well as several new preview images with respect to the developers upcoming Concorde for X-Plane 11.  Originally announced back in November 2017, the aircraft is currently on track for a March 2019 early access release.

With regards to systems depth, Colimata offers some clarification and context, “Let me say again that system depth for version 1.0 will be at a reasonable level, suitable for the average user.  Sub&Supersonic Autopilot is also quite a challenge.  With enough customer interest, further improvements will ship via updates.”  Moreover, concerning flight model development, Colimata remarks, “The flight model is still at an early stage but we already performed flights and maneuvers at subsonic and supersonic speeds.”

Keep in mind, the project is still very much a work in progress.

Check out the latest preview images below.

Loading Images

To review the complete post, see page 6 of the official preview thread via the forums.  The next set of preview images is expected this December, stay tuned for more.

Thank you to Rafael for the tip.

*Images courtesy of Colimata.

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