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Colimata Concorde Preview Video

Colimata has posted a preliminary overview of product features to be included as part of the developers upcoming Concorde for X-Plane 11. Instead of paraphrasing, I have included the original text below (although it has been partially reformatted for clarity). Keep in mind, early access release is currently planned for mid May.


  • Sound: In the works these days. Fmod 3D sound. Only the best for our baby;-)
    • The experiences on our FA-18F and MiG-29 engines help a lot. I’m confident you will really like the result.
  • Announcements: The Pilot, Copilot and Flight Engineer announcements will be in English at least for version 1.00.
    • I’ve learned to appreciate the French language reading French Concorde manuals. With beautiful sounding words like ‘vitesse de décollage’, ‘le réacteur’, ‘le poussee’ or ‘Limites de centrage’. Unfortunately, I don’t speak French but my Italian and Google were a great help. I’m seriously thinking to do a French language course later to know this better.
  • System depth: The early access version includes everything one needs to successfully plan flights and do flights.
  • 99% of all cockpit switches are clickable and at least animated
  • To my best knowledge all main instruments work
  • 707 custom lights are implemented, many of them adjustable dynamically by the appropriate switches OR the handy quick access areas.
    • The only serious drawback I had to accept is Mr. ‘I do want I want’ Autopilot that will need much more refinement. But this requires you just to download a ~2MB file later, then you have the new Autopilot. The aircraft ships with a simplified autopilot form day 1 though. Don’t worry.
    • As said several times before, a fully manually interactive Engineering station is something for potential version 2.0. BUT:
    • ALL switches on the engineering station are animated and the base functionality is handled by the virtual flight engineer the follows your commands. For example:
    • Fuel is pumped around in the jet to balance the aircraft. You can select the fuel TRIM status you wish (Concorde has fuel trim and elevon trim) and the virtual flight engineer will execute your order. Currently, I limited the maximum amount of weight difference the forward and rear trim tanks can have in order to make this save. Later there will probably be a setting where you can click ‘Use fully realistic trim weights’.
  • Navigation includes something for every taste. Form quick and easy to super complex:
    • Radio beacon navigation (using the cockpit instruments)
    • FMS via Graphical user interface
    • Hidden GPS to display/change/follow the route on two big modern GPS displays
    • Interactive on board CIVA (with limited functionality)
    • Compatibility to Phillip’s Pro CIVA (later even more integration of that)
  • Video tutorials: There will obviously be several video tutorials later on. Plus the jet ships with handy guided onboard ‘3D tours’ feature.
    • Not all of this will be ready from day 1 of the ea-version!
  • The jet ships with several manuals for different tastes:
    • 10 essentials pdf (for those who want to start as soon as possible)
    • Quick start manual (with a lot more details but still contained size)
    • Full manual with a lot of background info and details (downloadable publicly ~June)


If you’d like to review the complete post by Colimata, jump to page 19 of the official preview thread via For those interested, the project was also previewed earlier this month.

*Image courtesy of Colimata.

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