Colimata Concorde, Product Update

Colimata has posted a new product update for the developers popular Concorde (Early Access) for X-Plane 11. The release brings the software up to Version 1.01 and features a number of wide-ranging improvements to the existing aircraft build. Keep in mind, even more updates are expected soon.

Please see below for a list of changes.


  • Pitch and roll less aggressive
  • Ground vehicle loading fixed for complex cases
  • Additional custom commands available that can be assigned to input hardware (example: droop nose, pitch index degree, AP main, Flight Engineer trim, etc.)
  • Main airspeed indicator (ASI) and v-limit set to calibrated airspeed CAS (including copilot voice commands)
  • Better fuel flow values for:
    • Subsonic cruise (example: M0.95 @ FL280)
    • Ramp effect on FF
    • Approach values
  • NAV1 / NAV2 do not influence each other any more
  • AFCS – HDG/TRK rotrays (will receive additional improvements)
  • CIVA shows correct data at low longitude values
  • Better engine shutdown by Virtual Flight Engineer (still needs improvement)
  • ‘Better pushback’ addon will work now. Tests show that there are still minor issues, we will work on this (example: push distance?).
  • Concorde FXP 2K version available. Many textures have been reduced in size. This should increase FPS on lower specification computers.
  • Many small improvements:
    • Quick access GUI follows window resizing
    • Better view transitions when using QA views
    • Lower gear friction during taxiing
    • Trim bell sound fixed
    • Landing ground contact: added ‘contact’ message of Flight Engineer during landing plus AP switches off automatically at ground contact
    • Many minor improvements
  • New Autopilot functions available:
    • Heading hold (including rotary dial selection)
    • Autothrottle:
      • Mach hold (plus in/decrease via lever)
      • Indicated-airspeed hold
      • Acquire selected airspeed


The update is available for download via the forums. Alternatively, for more information about the Colimata Concorde (Early Access), visit the product sales page via the store.

*Image courtesy of Colimata.

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