Colimata Concorde, Version 1.02

Colimata has posted a new product update for the developers popular Concorde (Early Access) for X-Plane 11. The release brings the software up to Version 1.02 and features improvements to autopilot and INS functionality. According to the changelog introduction:

Version 1.02 is dedicated mainly to Autopilot and the Inertial Navigation Systems INS updates. With this, all core autopilot functions are available now in the 3D cockpit directly on the automatic flight control system AFCS.

Autopilot and Autothrottle now, will both disconnect automatically during landing at 180 ft above ground level. Be aware that the additional lift of the ‘ground effect’ can reduce the descent rate during final.

The INS shows much more information than before. Now it’s also capable to accept ‘direct to waypoint’ commands that can be executed by the autopilot.

To download the update and changelog PDF (which includes a detailed description), see the source post via the forum. Alternatively, for more information about the Colimata Concorde (Early Access), visit the product sales page via the store.

For reference purposes, V1.01 was already released back in late May.

Image / Colimata

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  • The INS nav on concord seems to have an error
    In the Southern hemisphere one can input airports as waypoints, and that works fine.
    However if you put the same coordinates in eg S 41 E 174 it takes you to the northern hemisphere

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