Confirmed: FlyTampa CPH, AMS, and LAS for X-Plane 11

[UPDATE: FlyTampa has formally confirmed by direct message that the original quotation is indeed true – CPH, AMS, and LAS are coming to X-Plane 11.] As most are probably already aware, FlyTampa and Descent2View recently announced development of Athens for X-Plane 11. The project is of course a conversion from the existing version for FSX and Prepar3D. At the time, it was understood that even more airports would follow although nothing specific was mentioned.

However, there may be some new insight regarding this matter. Specifically, according to a post via the forums by an individual with the username g.emilios (believed to be Emilios from FlyTampa), Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Las Vegas are the next planned X-Plane conversions. The quotation reads in part, “…we are trying to push Copenhagen/Amsterdam/Vegas into XPlane within the next months….” Keep in mind, as of the time of this writing, this has not been confirmed by FlyTampa.

Unconfirmed FlyTampa CPH AMS LAS X-Plane 11

Anyways, if you’d like to review the complete quotation and associated discussion, see the source post via the forums. Alternatively, for more information about FlyTampa, visit the developers website.

In other related news, Las Vegas is coming this month for Prepar3D V4.

Thank you to our friend Rafael for the tip.

*Image courtesy of FlyTampa.

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