CremonaSoft Announces Airbus 310, X-Plane

CremonaSoft has officially unveiled the developers upcoming Airbus 310-304 for X-Plane 10 and 11.  According to CremonaSoft, “The A310 is one of our favourite planes, and we’ve worked hard with enthusiasm for a long time, in order to bring its systems alive for those who love this aircraft as much as we do!”

The initial release build is to be a relatively detailed representation of the real world aircraft, however, several features are still planned for a future update.  Specifically, the developer notes, “Our aim is to continually expand the features of our A310 over the course of future releases, and are currently working towards a fully featured, custom Sperry FMS with Autopilot integration (NAV+PROFILE modes), along with expansion of ECAM warnings.”

Check out some preview images below.

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Next, see a complete product features list according to the developer.

Flight Characteristics:

  • Accurate weight distribution.
  • Nice flight model.

3D Model:

  • Accurate, high quality external models for fuselage, wings, stabilizers and engines- derived from measurements for the real aircraft.
  • All control surfaces (slats, flaps, ailerons, spoilers, rudder, elevators, THS) accurately animated.
  • Engine reverser animations.
  • Detailed landing gear with claw angle and full animation.
  • Open/close animations for both cockpit windows and all exterior doors.
  • Highly detailed 3D cockpit with super-sharp 4K+ textures and 3D lighting.
  • Detailed 3D gauges, counters, switches and knobs with animations.
  • Metallic surface and glass reflection effects in X-Plane 11 render engine.
  • Detailed flight control and throttle animations.
  • Crisp 3D cabin.
  • Super-sharp external textures.
  • Accurate 3D reproduction of all external aircraft lighting.


  • Custom APU start-up and running parameters.
  • Custom electrical system with AC/DC BUS simulation logic.
  • Custom pneumatic system with bleed-air logic.
  • Cabin temperature simulation.
  • Hydraulic system logic simulation.
  • Fuel system logic simulation.
  • Engine start and crank (windmill).
  • Complete exterior lighting control.
  • Slats/flaps operation with accurate timings.
  • Takeoff configuration test system.
  • Landing gear operation with accurate timings and gear status test.
  • Brake ‘Accu Press’ logic simulation.
  • Pitch (with trim wheel animation), aileron and rudder trim.


  • General Electric CF6-80C2, with realistic performance and custom engine sound.

Custom Electronics:

  • Airbus flight phase logic implementation.
  • Flight warning computer implementation, with aural warnings and decision height + altitude callouts (integrated into the flight phase logic).
  • Custom PDF and ND displays with close reproduction of graphical and functional operation.
  • Custom ECAM system and displays (warnings display + systems display), with integration into the flight phase logic.
  • PFD supports: full artificial horizon operation, heading scale, speed scale, target speed, target altitude, flight director, flight path vector, flight path angle, windshear annunciator, radio altitude, ILS localizer and glide slope index + scale, decision height annunciator.
  • ND supports: rose view, arc view, map view, plan view, display scale, aircraft heading, aircraft track, ILS data + scales, VOR + heading, ADF bearings.
  • ECAM warnings display supports: Red + Amber warnings list, status page.
  • ECAM systems display supports all systems pages.
  • Custom Vertical Velocity Indicator.
  • Independent pilot/co-pilot electronics (in preparation for future shared cockpit operations).


  • ILS receiver and control panel with adjustable frequency and heading.
  • VOR 1 & 2 receivers and panels with adjustable frequencies and headings.
  • ADF 1 & 2 receivers and panels with adjustable frequencies.
  • VHF 1 & 2 comms radios and panels with adjustable frequencies.

Autopilot Modes:

  • (A/THR) Auto throttle with speed/Mach hold, (ALT.HLD) altitude hold, (LVL CH) level change, (HDG SEL) heading select, (V/L) VOR/Localizer mode, (LAND) auto land.
  • Command mode.
  • Control wheel steering mode.

Hi-res A310-304 liveries:

  • Airbus House colours (F-WZLK).
  • Air Transat (C-GSAT).
  • Air Jamaica (N837AB).
  • S7 Airlines (VP-BSZ).

Hi-res A310-304 MRTT liveries:

  • Luftwaffe, Hans Grade (10+26).

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 64bit/32bit. (Mac/Linux not yet supported, but in the pipeline…)
  • X-Plane 11 or 10.50+.
  • Intel Core i3 processor or equivalent.
  • 1.5GB hard disk space.
  • 8GB System memory.
  • Dedicated 3D graphics processor with minimum 512MB dedicated video memory.


  • Standard Operating Procedures for: Preliminary Cockpit Preparation, Cockpit Preparation, Before Pushback or Start, Engine Start, After Engine Start, Taxi, Before Takeoff, Takeoff, After Takeoff, Standard Approach, Visual Approach, Landing, Go-Around, After Landing, Parking, Securing The Aircraft.
  • System Documentation for: Electrical System, APU, Pneumatic System, Engine Start, Flight Instruments, Navigation Equipment.

Although obviously at a very advanced stage of development, there is currently no official release timeline – stay tuned for more.  If you’d like to review the original project announcement, visit the source thread via the forums.

*Images courtesy of CremonaSoft.

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