DC Designs is also actively working on Concorde

First introduced earlier this year as part of the developer’s project roadmap, DC Designs has posted some additional information and preview images in regard to Concorde for FSX, P3D, and eventually MSFS. This latest post is, of course, in response to Aeroplane Heaven’s recent announcement that they too are working on Concorde.

Basically, the DC model is already “well on its way” to completion and has been in development for quite some time now. It will not be a study level product and will target the entertainment market. Nonetheless, the detail level will be sufficient that “users will have to use the engineer’s panel to complete a flight.”

Anyway, the compete post and accompanying images have been included below.

So, this announcement was going to be held back for another couple of weeks, but with recent announcements by other developers I thought I might as well take the plunge!

The next project is a very different one, and has been in development for quite some time, as you can see by the images. It’s well on its way to completion, and will be my next release for FSX, FSX:Steam, all versions of Prepar3D and the forthcoming FS2020.

Detail levels will be sufficient that users will have to use the engineer’s panel to complete a flight, but as with all my airplanes I will remain within the entertainment market rather than study-level. That said, this airplane was a genuine handful to manage in real life, so there will be plenty to do for those who take on the challenge…

Enjoy the images. You’ll be able to race the sunrise across the Atlantic quite soon…

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Images: DC Designs

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