Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator, Coming Q2 2019

The development team behind Deadstick Flight Simulator have shared some new information regarding project status and the path towards release. First and perhaps most important, early access is planned for Q2 2019. Keep in mind of course, this target is subject to change.

Moreover, with various technical challenges resolved, the team plan to increase development progress visibility. This includes a new series of bimonthly livestream events. The first such event is scheduled for March 14, 2019 at 4PM GMT. Potential users will be given the opportunity to ask questions directly to the development team. More information regarding the specific streaming location will be available soon.

Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator Coming Q2 2019

Please note, some information is already known regarding the project. Notably, Deadstick is a very different concept compared to existing platforms. The simulator depicts a virtual world instead of real locations. This general concept is meant to offer a fully immersive experience without having to critique real life details and omissions.

Additionally, beyond scenery coverage, there will be a detailed management and missions module allowing users to maintain and upgrade aircraft as well as complete flying tasks.

Anyways, to read the complete announcement, see the press release via Steam.

Lastly, for those interested, the team also posted a video trailer back in May 2018.

*Image courtesy of REMEX Software.

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