Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator, New Video Released

Officially slated for release later this year, the Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator team has posted a brand new video trailer.  Deadstick is going to be a very different type of flight simulator compared to current platforms, not depicting the real world but only that of a virtual world.  This concept is meant to offer the user a fully submersive experience without having to nitpick about real life locations, details, and omissions.  Moreover, it allows to developer to design and implement both unique and imaginative scenery areas.  I find this approach truly compelling and very much look forward to testing.

Beyond scenery details, as I understand, there will be a detailed management and missions module allowing the user to maintain and upgrade aircraft as well as complete flying tasks.  I’m sure more details with respect to this component of the simulator will be released soon.

More importantly, visually, the video trailer looks absolutely stunning!  Visit this official Facebook page to learn more about the project and view the original video posting.

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