Digital Replica Cessna 310L, X-Plane 11, V1.1.0

Digital Replica has released another product update for the developers Cessna 310L for X-Plane 11. The release brings the software up to Version 1.1.0 and features a number of additions and general improvements to the existing aircraft build. Items of note include Librain plugin support and a new de-ice system with visual ice formation.

Please see below for a complete update changelog according to the developer.


[Version 1.1.0]

  • Librain effect implemented.
  • De-Ice system implemented. Ice formation visual implementation.
  • Oxygen system implemented.
  • Added an oil pressure switch (not visible) which is connected in series with the auxiliary fuel pump switch. This prevents the fuel pumps from operating (except by the primer switch) if the respective engine is not running.
  • Added an option on the load chart to couple the autopilot with the GPS (users request).
  • Autopilot pitch wheel tuned.
  • Cowl flaps tuned. Now engines won’t overheat when fully closed.
  • Landing lights now have smooth animation and a delay from switch up to lights on.
  • Mixture auto-engaging when the starter is engaged fixed.
  • Various 3d and texture fixes.


If you’d like to review the original update announcement, see the source post via the x-pilot forums. For more information about the Cessna 310L by Digital Replica, visit the product sales page via X-Aviation.

The model was also updated back in March.

*Image courtesy of Digital Replica.

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