Digital Replica Van’s RV-10 now available

The team at Digital Replica have released the Van’s RV-10 for X-Plane 11. As expected, the aircraft is a highly detailed and comprehensive representation of the real world type. Moreover, the package features both steam and glass cockpit configurations.

As of the time of this writing, the package is priced at $28.95 USD. Please see below for a complete features list.

Different Cockpit configuration from steam gauges to glass cockpit:

  • G5 PFD and HSI with GFC600 Digital Autopilot with GNS430 and GNS430
  • ESP (Electronic Stability and Protection System)
  • LVL (Return to level) Mode
  • Auto trim
  • Different speed and altitude units options
  • CWS (Control wheel steering) mode
  • GA (Go Around) mode.
  • AP disconnect button   
  • Flight Director
  • Yaw Damper
  • Pitch and Roll hold mode
  • Heading Mode
  • NAV Mode with Radio-navigation or GPS inputs
  • Approach Mode
  • Back Course Mode
  • Indicated Airspeed Reference Mode
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Working Battery behavior for the G5 HSI and PFD

KC150 Autopilot with KI256 Flight Command unit, KI525A HSI and KX155 COM/NAV Radios

  • Flight Director
  • Auto trim
  • Altitude Hold mode
  • Attitude pith and roll hold mode
  • Heading mode
  • NAV Mode
  • Approach mode
  • Back Course mode

Digital engine management unit EDM or analog gauges

  • Engine monitor display
  • Range/Endurance/Burned Fuel/Miles per Gallon/Etc.
  • Lean Find Mode

Throttle quadrant or push-pull engine command options

EDS Digital Controlled oxygen System

  • Four distribution stations
  • Night/Normal mode
  • Delayed mode
  • Class-A/Fast Mask mode
  • Different display and setting configurations

Working Circuit Breakers panel

Angle of attack indicator with voice warning

Different engine and propeller configurations:

  • Lycoming IO540 Fuel Injected 260HP engine
  • Lycoming O540 235HP Carbureted Engine
  • 3 Blade Composite Propeller
  • 3 Blade Aluminum Propeller
  • 2 Blade Aluminum Propeller

Each of the option with their own performance and fuel consumption characteristics

Outstanding 3D model

  • High 4K PBR textures
  • Librain rain effect by skiselkov
  • 5 liveries and one white canvas livery for custom creations
  • 3D cockpit light for the interior and the exterior
  • Custom instruments and surface vibrations
  • Particles Effects

Three dimensional Sound

  • Fmod sound engine
  • All Custom Sounds
  • Sound level and frequencies are modified by headset removal or doors configurations.

Custom Menus and Popups

  • Aircraft Configuration
  • Load Chart with CG envelope, fuel and passengers configurations
  • Checklist
  • GFC600 Autopilot Popup
  • EDM Popup
  • Updater Popup

Built-in Updater

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2 Responses

  • this plane is not true payware quality! boring textures inside like bad freeware,author says “FMOD” but is not using FMOD effect,autopilot dont work correct,plane is not combatibel in vr. there are much better free planes!!!

    • Huh, thanks for the feedback, sorry to hear about your lousy experience. Hopefully they’ll rectify these issues in the near future.

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