Drzewiecki Polish Airports Vol.1 XP, Lublin Terminal Renders

POLAND – Drzewiecki Design has posted several preview renders showcasing the new Lublin (EPLB) terminal building to be included as part of an upcoming product update for Polish Airports Vol.1 XP. According to Drzewiecki, “…Lublin new terminal model development has been completed.”

Keep in mind, as previously reported, the update is to be free of charge for existing users. There is currently no official release schedule for the project.

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For those unfamiliar with Polish Airports Vol.1 XP, the package includes Gdańsk (EPGD), Katowice (EPKT ), Rzeszów (EPRZ, EPRJ), and Lublin (EPLB, EPSW).

To review the original preview images and accompanying commentary, see the source post via Facebook.

In other news, Drzewiecki also recently released a major (paid) upgrade for Polish Airports Vol.3 XP.

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