Drzewiecki Seattle City + Airports XP, “Final Stage”

Drzewiecki Design has posted a new set of preview images showcasing the developers upcoming Seattle Airports XP scenery.  Originally released for FSX and Prepar3D, the airport package is being ported to X-Plane along with the Seattle cityscape project.  According to the developer, “Seattle City/Airports XP (for X-Plane) is at the final stage of production and will probably be released this month.”.

Back in June, Drzewiecki mentioned some unspecified development difficulties, nevertheless, these issues have clearly been rectified.

Check out the latest previews below.

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The Seattle Airports XP package will include KSEA, KPAE, KBFI, KRNT, and S50.  With regards to Seattle City XP, the project is a large scale photoreal scenery covering the Seattle metropolitan area including several heliports and seaplane facilities.

To review the original imagery source, see the developers official Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about Drzewiecki Design, check out the developers website.

*Images courtesy of Drzewiecki Design.

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