Drzewiecki Sheremetyevo V2 + Lublin, Train Modeling

RUSSIA / POLAND – Drzewiecki Design has posted a couple new preview images showcasing train models to be included as part of Sheremetyevo V2 and Lublin Airport (within the upcoming Polish Airports Vol.1 XP update). According to the developer.

In addition to static aircraft, we have lately produced some new trainset models as well (they are animated, in X-Plane too). The blue one is for the Lublin scenery, the red one is for Sheremetyevo. 3D rails and railway electrification lines are also included and they actually look very nice in the sim. Trains are cool!

Check out the images below.

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To view the original preview images as well as accompanying commentary, see the source post via Facebook. For more information about Drzewiecki Design, visit the developers website.

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