Fangzahn is planning a major P3Dv5 upgrade for the developer’s freeware Zakynthos scenery + more news

Image: Fangzahn Aviation Studios

GREECE – Fangzahn Aviation Studios has announced a major P3Dv5 upgrade for the developer’s popular (and freeware) Zakynthos International Airport (LGZA) for P3Dv4. According to a post via Facebook, “There will be a completely new version of LGZA fully complying with the P3Dv5 SDK and using the features of this new sim.” Moreover, as shown above, Fangzahn purchased 100 square kilometres of satellite imagery which is to be integrated into the new version.

Nonetheless, in the interim, the developer will also release a small compatibility update for the existing version.

Lastly, it appears the scenery may be coming to X-Plane 11. Specifically, according to Fangzahn, “I’m excited about an unofficial project by a user who is working on […] what was it again? Something about my scenery and I think it had something to do with the letter X.”

For more information or to download the current (and completely free) version of Zakynthos, visit the Fangzahn website.

Source: Facebook

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