Felis Planes 747 Classic, In-Simulator

Felis Planes has posted the first in-simulator screenshot of the Boeing 747 Classic for X-Plane 11. However, the export identified several issues. Specifically, according to Felis, “First ever export into X-Plane. Revealed many many problems. First – export plugin doesn’t handle -1 scaled objects – all normals are flipped and [I] need to make them separate and flip normals back. But there is a good news too. I can use Blender materials to control glossiness.”

For those interested, the project has been previewed extensively over the past year or so.

Anyways, to view the original teaser image and related commentary, jump to page 42 of the project development thread via x-plane.org. Alternatively, for more information about Felis Planes, visit the developers website.

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