Flight One Ground Environment X, Major Update

Flight One Software has released a major update for Ground Environment X for FSX.  The update covers all current region products.  For those unfamiliar, Ground Environment X is a comprehensive texture replacement for FSX that features seasonal variations, night textures, and advanced autogen placement + alignment.

Please see below for the complete update announcement according to Flight One.

Flight1 Officially Announces All Ground Environment X Region Product Updates

Flight One Software has officially announced that all Ground Environment X region products have been updated and released. GEX supports both Flight Simulator X boxed edition and Flight Simulator X Steam Edition. All GEX region product installers have been updated at the Flight1 web site with the latest versions. It is important to note that all of your installed GEX regions must be updated at the same time. The updates are free for previous version customers.

GEX North America v2 *New version 2.20 now available

GEX Europe *New version 2.60 now available

As has always been, GEX regions listed below will continue to include a free upgrade to GEX North America version 2.20 (with older versions of GEX North America installed).

*These are all new available versions:

GEX Africa and the Middle East v1.50

GEX Atlantic and Pacific Tropics v1.40

GEX Asia and South America v1.30

GEX Australia and Antarctica v1.20

Current GEX users may add additional regions or obtain the free upgrades by simply clicking the name of the region in the GEX interface and the Flight1 product page will open for the product. You may also visit the GEX support forum for specific information and instructions on how to update your GEX products to the most recent.

*GEX North America v2.2 for GEX NA v1.096 (and older) users:

For GEX customers still using the very old GEX USA/Canada, or, version 1.096 and does not wish to purchase other regions to upgrade GEX NA, Flight1 continues to offer the economical upgrade option to the new full GEX North America v2.2 product for less than half the cost.

Please see our announcement in the Ground Environment support forum which will assist anyone in upgrading or purchasing GEX for the first time. You are also welcome to use our open support forum for questions and assistance.

Click here to visit the GEX update support page


To visit Flight1, please go to http://www.flight1.com

To review the original update announcement, see the source post via the Flight One Facebook page.  Alternatively, jump directly to the official update post via SimForums.  If you’d like to learn more about Ground Environment X, visit the product page for more information.

*Image courtesy of Flight One.

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