Flight Replicas posts new WIP screenshots of B-24

Once again, the team at Flight Replicas have posted some new WIP images showcasing the B-24 for FSX and Prepar3D. The screenshots highlight yet another configuration to be included as part of the aircraft package (more on that below).

Keep in mind, as previously reported, the complete package is expected to include several models including one version depicting the aircraft around the time of the Ploesti raids, a standard European Theatre layout, and the C-87 transport derivative.

Anyway, check out the latest screenshots and accompanying description below.

A few more screenshots to start the week, this time of an RAF Coastal Command aircraft of 220 Squadron, which operated out of the Azores. Note the Leigh Light under the wing. This no-top-turret configuration was also used by the RCAF for their long range maritime patrols.

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Images: Flight Replicas

Source: Facebook

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