Flight Sim Labs A319-X/A320-X, V2.0.2.400 Now Available

Flight Sim Labs has released a new product update for the A319-X and A320-X – Prepar3D V4. The update brings both aircraft up to V2.0.2.400 and features a number of fixes and general improvements to the existing software build.

Keep in mind, as previously reported, the updated installers require users transfer their license to FastSpring – visit the license transfer website to complete this process.

Please note, the A320-X installer for FSX has also been updated for license transfer purposes although there is no actual update to the code.

Check out the 64-bit changelog below.


  • Several logic fixes
  • Fix for GSX crew bus logic
  • Various fixes for loadsheet logic, weight / balance and fuel
  • In flight Menu additions to AOC
  • Slot change logic improvements
  • Print POS58 settings updated


  • Fix for parsing SID/STARs


  • Cabin Ready fixes


  • FWC Phase detection logic fix
  • Arming logic improvements


  • Fixes for failure conditions
  • Fix for RFCF spurious triggering on takeoff
  • Logic improved to diminish spurious warnings


  • FG work for better handling in turbulence
  • FG tuning for fast/light weight to prevent oscillations
  • Fix for low hyd pressure sensor logic
  • Roll tuning improvements


  • IAE: Flex EPR logic fix

External model

  • CFM: cosmetic fix on right engine
  • Fix for right wing skin animation on outer strut
  • A319-X floating decal fix
  • CFM (all variants) reversers fix


  • FLEX logic fixes


  • Added Erroneous RA failure


  • Fix for center tank pump auto control


  • FM:
  • Fix for PERF TO page where auto V-speed was 0
  • Fix for FPM GA synchronization
  • Lateral calculation logic improvements (EGGP / EGSS cases)
  • PERF TO page perf figures fix
  • Fix for auto descent wind uplink logic
  • NO VIA listing fix


  • Fix for atc_parking_codes


  • Fix for CFM shutdown ECAM


  • Pax number logic fix
  • Sounds muted in cockpit/cabin


  • THS motor speed / ref values fix


  • Fix for cabin crew 0 issue
  • Various fixes for boarding logic with GSX


  • Small infrastructure logic fixes
  • Fix for missing PTU sounds
  • Fuel and Pack sound tweaks
  • Fixes for cockpit door sound infrastructure logic
  • GSX logic improvements
  • Various sound engine infrastructure improvements

Virtual Cockpit

  • Fix for captain side window dirt texture

As usual, the updated installers are available via the Flight Sim Labs product redownload service.

To review the complete update announcement, see the source post via the Flight Sim Labs discussion forums. Alternatively, for more information about any of the above mentioned products, visit the developers website.

Image // Flight Sim Labs

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