Flight Sim Labs Introduces Dynamic Bug Splatter

Flight Sim Labs has officially announced the most recent feature to be included as part of the developers upcoming A319-X release, dynamic bug splatter.  In essence, bugs will splatter on the windshield sporadically, the extent of these splatters is dependent on atmospheric conditions, seasonal variations, and location.  Fascinating to see this feature actually modeled, would not have predicted this years back.  I’m certain this announcement is destined to draw mixed reactions, particularly given the controversy and emotion surrounding the developer these days.

Nonetheless, check out some images showcasing the new dynamic bug splatter feature.

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The developer has been in the news a fair bit lately, first, in announcing the new icing feature to be included as part of the upcoming A319-X release, and secondly, in releasing a statement with regards to the CMDHOST file.

Still, an interesting new feature, one that will certainly be appreciated by many I’m sure.  Personally, I think there may have been better areas to focus attention, but, everyone deserves a perspective.

To review the full dynamic bug splatter announcement, visit the applicable thread over at the FSLabs forum area, click here.

*Images courtesy of Flight Sim Labs.

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