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IMG_9Flight Sim Labs Airbus 319-X Released

Flight Sim Labs has posted a general development update regarding various ongoing projects as well as other relevant topics such as the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator announcement and changes to eCcommerce processing.

First, with respect to ongoing aircraft development, Flight Sim Labs separates this information by project.


Airbus A321-X

“Work continues on the A321-X – we will provide a separate announcement with more details on exciting new features and new functionality as time goes by, but we think the A321-X is shaping up to be our finest product yet – we know it’s a favourite amongst pilots and we’re sure our customers will develop an equal appreciation for this airframe with its rather unique characteristics. The model already looks superb and the liveries that Vassilis has been producing are shining with their new Physics Based Rendering textures. I expect several preview pictures to follow in the coming months, along with some lovely surprises in the cockpit.”

Concorde-X 64-bit

“The Concorde-X for 64-bit is now officially on pause. While we received some strong support from customers regarding future sales on P3Dv4, we have to ensure that we align our business model with the significant development news that we received from Microsoft, and since the aircraft is so specialized, we prefer to evaluate further once there are more details on the new platform.”

Airbus A3XX-X

“The A3XX-X is also in its early stages of development, we’ll have more news on that when available.”


Next, in regard to the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) announcement, the team provides some perspective.


“We were very happy to read the announcement of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator platform (which most now affectionately call “MSFS 2020”). It signals the return of one of the most prolific products that our good friends in Redmond have developed and we are all very excited to take a preview look into what looks to be technologies bringing the simulated world to a new level of immersion. We’ve seen the same previews as you have and they are certainly breathtaking! We cannot, however, provide any details or answer any questions about “MSFS 2020″ at the present time, other than to say that our excitement about this next version is the same as yours!”


Lastly, the developer is moving from eSellerate to FastSpring for eCommerce purposes. Although legacy installers will work until September 2019, eventually, all customers will need to transition to updated installers. As such, Flight Sim Labs has separated this process by platform.


Prepar3D V4 (64-bit)

“All our products for P3D v4 will continue being sold and supported through our web site. This includes the A320-X (P3Dv4), the A319-X (P3Dv4) and the upcoming A321-X (P3Dv4). Existing installers for purchases before June 30th will continue working until September 30th, 2019. Starting June 30th, existing customers will be able to transition to new installers by following a free license transfer process through our web site to receive new activation keys that the new installers will require. We aim to make the transition process as easy as possible – details on the transition mechanism will also be available as a separate announcement and email. We expect that our upcoming A320-X update will be part of this transition.”

Prepar3D V3 (32-bit)

“We will stop selling any P3Dv3 products (Concorde-X / A320-X) effective June 30th. Support will continue for at least one year (June 30th 2020) and product activation will continue working with existing installers until September 30th, 2019. After that date, we will provide updated installers through our Redownloads page which will allow activation without contacting eSellerate’s activation mechanism.”

FSX (32-bit)

“As with the P3Dv3 products, there will be no further development work done on the FSX products, but sales of the A320-X for FSX only will continue until September 30th. This will conclude sales of all FSLabs 32-bit products as they have reached end-of-life and development for them will no longer take place. As with the P3Dv3 products, we will provide updated installers through our Redownloads page which will allow activation without contacting eSellerate’s activation mechanism.”

As of June 30th, 2019, all new sales will be handled via FastSpring.


To review the complete announcement, see the source post via Facebook. Alternatively, for more information regarding Flight Sim Labs, visit the developers website.

Image // Flight Sim Labs

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