Flight Sim Labs Reveal New Icing Model

As promised, Flight Sim Labs has officially announced the brand new “super-cool” feature for their Airbus product series, a fully realistic airframe and engine icing model.  The feature is to be implemented to the upcoming Airbus 319-X first, then later to the currently available Airbus 320-X.

According to the team, in simplistic terms, the feature will create a dynamic performance model based on icing contamination and buildup resulting from atmospheric conditions.  Visually, you can actually see the buildup on the airplane and must utilize the integrated de-ice module to clear contaminated surfaces, both on the ground and in-flight.  Moreover, the ground based de-ice process will actually protect against further deposits as in the real world.  The icing feature was developed in consultation with real world pilots flying the actual Airbus type.

Certainly groundbreaking work, this sets the bar to a much higher level in my opinion.  Check out some images below showcasing the new feature, looks absolutely fantastic!

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As the description by the developer is quite extensive and beyond what can be summarized here, head over to the source post at the Flight Sim Labs forum to read the entire explanation.  Definitely an exciting step forward!

*Images courtesy of Flight Sim Labs.

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