Flightbeam Studios Announces NZWN, Wellington International Airport

Flightbeam Studios has announced development of NZWN, Wellington International Airport.  This one is certainly an exciting announcement and an absolutely beautiful destination.  The airport features only a single runway but sees over 6 million passengers per annum.  Moreover, airlines serving the facility include Air New Zealand, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Fiji Airways, and many more.  New Zealand is one of my preferred areas to explore and this certainly fits the bill perfectly.

Check out some development images below.

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Next, see the official project announcement description as per the developer.

Flightbeam Studios is proud to announce the development of Wellington International Airport (NZWN). Situated in the middle of one of the most scenic countries in the world, NZWN will aim to please a wide variety of sim pilots. Both approach and departure provide stunning views along with weather challenges at this single runway airport. Despite its small size, NZWN pushes through over 6 million passengers a year and is the third busiest airport in the region.

This airport will surpass our previous work in terms of detail modeling to terminals, and will also provide a stunning and unsurpassed amount of custom, configurable airport clutter around the gate areas. Surrounding the airport will be a large region with custom ground imagery and buildings, extending throughout the whole Wellington peninsula.

Look for NZWN release this year in 2018!

Fantastic news, as stated per the above description, this project is going to include not only the airport facility but a large portion of the surrounding area – release is expected this year.

To review the source announcement and see all available preview screenshots, jump to the applicable thread over at the Flightbeam forums.

*Images courtesy of Flightbeam Studios.

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