Flightbeam + iBlueYonder KPDX, Update Status

UNITED STATES – Developer iBlueYonder has posted a brief status update with respect to an upcoming product update for Fiightbeam Portland – Prepar3D V4. The update was originally slated to include the new Atlantic FBO complex although the scope has now expanded significantly.

According to a post via Facebook, in addition to the FBO, “I did some more detail in the cargo areas, added some PBR textures, and started playing around with animated vehicles all around the airport.”

Shortly thereafter, the developer continues, “Once those were all in, I figured that since I had cracked the animation nut (or so I thought), I should add that animated Tri-Met Max train that goes right up to the terminal, too.” Please note however, there are currently issues exporting the model to Prepar3D with animations intact. Nonetheless, this item appears to be the “…last big issue before the next release….”

For reference purposes, the update in question (Version 1.4) was previewed back in April as well as June.

Anyway, if you’d like to read the complete status update, see the source post via Facebook. Alternatively, for more information about KPDX for Prepar3D V4, visit the product sales page via iBlueYonder or¬†Flightbeam Studios.

Keep in mind, the airport is also coming to X-Plane 11.

Image // iBlueYonder

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