Flightbeam Studios Portland, Jetway Teaser

Bill Womack, in partnership with Flightbeam Studios, has posted a new teaser image concerning the implementation of SODE jetway models at KPDX, Portland International Airport.  Specifically, according to Bill, “Looks like we’ve hit another Flightbeam KPDX milestone…  the jetways just went in.  NOW it looks like an airport.”  Keep in mind, with regards to a potential release timeline, Flightbeam has already clarified that development “will likely go into 2019.”

Check out the teaser image below.

Flightbeam Studios KPDX Portland International Airport Jetway

The project was last previewed back in August, see our coverage for more information.  To review the original imagery source as well as accompanying commentary, visit the iBlueYonder Facebook page.

*Image courtesy of Flightbeam Studios and Bill Womack.

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