FlightGear Version 2018.2.1 Released

The popular open source flight simulation platform FlightGear has officially released version 2018.2.1.  The latest version of the platform includes various new features, improvements, and bug fixes.  These include improved support for add-ons, various aircraft updates, and general improvements to the YASim FDM.  For those of you unfamiliar with FlightGear, the simulator features over 400 aircraft, a worldwide scenery database, a multiplayer environment, detailed sky modeling, and much more.

Check out some general platform screenshots below.

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Personally, I’ve never tested FlightGear due to the platforms obvious technical limitations and visual quality shortcomings.  Nonetheless, it’s certainly an interesting development to follow, congratulations to the open source development community for a job well done!  Being open source, the software is of course completely free and available to all.

To see the official changelog, click here.  If you’d like to learn more about the platform, visit the simulators official website.

*Images courtesy of FlightGear Flight Simulator.

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