The FlightSim Store, Closing in the Coming Weeks

Any many months of customer dissatisfaction and developer warnings, The FlightSim Store has finally announced the impending closure of the online store.  Specifically, the website launched a Liquidation Sale via Facebook.  Within the comments section, one individual asked if the store was actually closing, in response, The FlightSim Store writes, “unfortunately due to several financial pressures the business has experienced over the last 12 months the decision has indeed been made to close the store in the coming weeks.”

As many are aware, the store owes a significant amount of money to numerous developers for past sales – there is no word as to the likelihood of any reconciliation payments.

To review the liquidation sale announcement and closure commentary, see the source post via Facebook.

*Image courtesy of The FlightSim Store

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  • Hello i am concerned about my downloads with my account for future use , will i still be able to access these ?

    • I would download everything and maintain a backup. Once the site is closed there will be no access. However, many developers will accommodate you if you contact them directly.

    • Hi Harvett,

      The site appears to be down once again. Perhaps the best option at this point is to get in touch with the developers directly. Many will be able to accommodate you with proof of purchase.

    • Hi Kris,

      It doesn’t look that way right now, the website is currently unavailable. Sadly, it’s probably best to get in touch with the developers directly.

  • customers are getting screwed over again. When are developers and in this case, flightsimstore going to spend 1 god damn second to think about the customers? how about having that in their greedy minds. That goes for the developers also. Im so angry right now I could smash the keyboard into the wall. God damn assholes.

    • I hear you Bob, many people are very frustrated with the FlightSim Store situation. Keep in mind, most developers will recognize your purchase but you’ll have to contact each directly – a major pain I know.

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