Fly the Maddog X MD-80 Beta

Fly the Maddog X Posts Open Beta 1.2b264

Leonardo Software House, the developer behind the incredible Fly the Maddog X aircraft has posted a new open beta for existing customers, that being version 1.2b264.  The change log is quite extensive and includes many fixes as well as some new features.  If you haven’t tried Fly the Maddog X, it really is an amazing product, one of my all time favourites!  For a full change log and upgrade procedure according to the developers recent Facebook post, see below:

Open beta 1.2b264 is online, check our forums (you must have an account registered with the same email address used for activation).

Upgrade procedure:

1) be sure to have 1.1.0/1.2b260 installed and activated in your FSX/P3D.
2) backup addon livery entries in the aircraft.cfg.
3) download and install the upgrade to 1.2b264.
4) add liveries again to the aircraft.cfg.
5) start the load manager at least once and save, even if not making any change.
4) As simple as that. You’re done.

CHANGELOG 1.2b260 -> 1.2b264

– FDE: tuned single-engine in-flight performances.
– PANEL: various bug fixes.
– PANEL: improved memory management to avoid CTD in low memory conditions.
– PANEL: chrono and dme display backlight tied to panel knob.
– PANEL: repeating GSCM entries in DFDR file.

– FMS: selecting a new altitude in the MCP within +-4000ft of CRZ alt will copy altitude in scratchpad.
– PANEL:new ESDP display font.
– PANEL: changed DME display to the ‘LCD’ type.

CHANGELOG 1.1.0 -> 1.2b260

– FDE: fine tuning of ground effect and idle taxi power.
– FDE: contact points tweak.
– FMS: ETA differences between leg page and prog page (EN ROUTE WPT).
– FMS: display of dntrk on ND when not intercepting leg.
– FMS: missing ‘NOT IN DATABASE’ message when LSKeing non-existing airway.
– FMS: pressing ‘ERASE’ after changing crz alt would not undo the change.
– FMS: wrong fix altitude calculation for certain descent/approaches.
– FMS: improved ‘OVRD’ logic.
– LOAD MANAGER: TrueGlass disabled when RealLight disabled.
– LOAD MANAGER: conflict of RealLight setting and FS2Crew setting.
– LOAD MANAGER: wrong calculation of TOI for limited wing fuel schedule.
– PANEL: engine spool-up speed decreased.
– PANEL: wrong range on ND CM2 WX image when both ND ON (AS WXRadar).
– PANEL: no radar image for range 80 or above (AS WXRadar).
– PANEL: CDU 2 not working with CDU Remote.
– PANEL: blurry breakers texture behind CM1 seat.
– PANEL: missing breakers flood light.
– PANEL: missing vc light .fx file in FSX installer.
– PANEL: wrong QNH in speed chart.
– PANEL: incomplete aircraft registration text in speed chart.
– PANEL: external wing view with vc in ‘wide’ mode.

– FMS: separated transition altitude / transition level.
– FMS: support for reading airport-based transition altitude/level from Navigraph Airac.
– FMS: LSKeing dntrk info (FIX page) will copy on scratchpad user wpt data.
– FMS: second FIX page.
– FMS: when configuring aircraft ‘Ready to Fly’ from add-on menu route and data are not reset.
– LOAD MANAGER: Load/Save of setup and configuration file.
– LOAD MANAGER: Load Manager checks online for new official versions (manual download from simMarket and install).

To learn more about Fly the Maddog X, check out the developers website.

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