Fly the Maddog X, Service Pack 1, Released

Leonardo Software House, the developer behind Fly the Maddog X, has officially released service pack 1.  Keep in mind, the current update is classified as ‘open beta’ meaning the software is considered stable but not yet finalized.

Check out the official release announcement below.

After many hundred hours of work, I’m glad to inform this community that Service Pack 1 has been released.

Go to our forums – download center- open beta installers. You will find build 301 ready for download (you must login with a validated account to access the download).


Read the included SP1 Release Notes.pdf because it contains essential information you HAVE to know to install this Service Pack 1 safely, get familiar with the new options/features and avoid common mistakes.

The term “open beta” means that we think this release is stable enough for a public release, but since we are not able to run it on multiple platforms/configurations/settings/addon issues may still arise. Be advised, we will do everything to help if you need but NO SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED FOR THOSE WHO LACK KNOWLEDGE OF THE RELEASE NOTES.

Know issues and limitations:

– there might be problems with add-on liveries (missing/duplicated textures in vc) – related info in the release notes.
– the user guide and the quick guide have not been updated yet, they will be available on the forum shortly.
– GSX Level 2 users: due limitations on the FSDT software at the moment it’s not possible to let GSX determine the status of the FWD stairs, so embark/disembark is available only with GSX stairs. The rear door isn’t availble for embark/disembark operations since GSX does not provide this option yet. We are in touch with FSDT and as soon as they fix those things, we will update the Maddog X accordingly.
– Tomato Shade users: the 3D model has changed and is no more compatible with included profiles. This leads to SEVERE PERFORMANCE ISSUES which are not related to the Maddog X. Some testers reported that using R&D profile almost solved. Maddog X is developed in a standard P3D environment and we can’t be responsible for checking any non-standard add-on compatibility that might influence performance in your system.
– Other 3rd party add-on compatibility with this Service Pack 1 are detailed in the release notes.
– In our ticketing system we have added the possibiity to report bugs, issues and/or suggestions:…

We hope you enjoy this SP1as much as we loved making it.

For a detailed description of changes incorporated into service pack 1, see our post dated September 2, 2018 for more information.

To review the original release announcement, see the source post via the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about Fly the Maddog X, visit the official product website.

*Image courtesy of Leonardo Software House.

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