Fly the Maddog X, Brief Development Update

Stefano of Leonardo Software House has posted a brief status update with respect to an upcoming product update for Fly the Maddog X – 64-bit (P3D V4.4/4.5). Specifically, according to Stefano, “We have almost finished the next release, which will see the introduction of additional options including the possibility of using a different navigation system (CMS-900/PMS), as well as new improvements and fine tuning in systems, engines response, navigation tracking, integration with GSX Level 2.”

Moreover, the team have decided to drop the standard non PBR model option (although compatibility with P3D V4.4 will remain).

The new build is currently in beta testing and the first open beta release is expected mid September.

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If you’d like to review the complete status update, see the source post via the developers discussion forum. Alternatively, for more information about Fly the Maddog X, visit the product website.

For reference purposes, the model was last updated back in June.

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