Fly the Maddog X, P3D Development Update

Stefano of Leonardo Software House has shared a brief status update concerning ongoing development progress with respect to Fly the Maddog X – 64-bit (P3D V4.4/4.5). Specifically, according to Stefano, “We will be releasing shortly an incremental upgrade (open beta) for both the -82 and -83/-88 packages….” The update requires 1.4b414 already be installed and includes several bug fixes and two new features – “8.33 Khz radio support and ARC-DME procedures.”

Please note, ARC-DME functionality requires the current AIRAC dataset be updated – this will be available soon from Navigraph.

To review the complete status update, see the source post via the developers ‘News and updates’ forum. Alternatively, for more information about Fly the Maddog X, visit the product website.

*Image courtesy of Leonardo Software House.

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