Fly the Maddog X, Service Pack 1 Finalized

Back in September, Leonardo Software House, the developer behind Fly the Maddog X released service pack 1 as an open beta to existing customers.  Now, after several months of testing and updates, service pack 1 has been finalized.  According to the developer, ” It features, among the others, a new dynamic failure generator and dynamic engine startup, an automatic livery installer tool, and tons of fixes and improvements in system logics, graphics, FMS, memory management, code optimization: it runs smoother and faster than ever, and it’s a huge step forward from the previous release.”  For a more detailed description regarding service pack 1, see our post dated September 2, 2018.

The service pack is free of charge for both 32-bit + 64-bit customers and is available to download via simMarket – the official build designation is version 1.3b335.

To read the complete announcement, see the source post via the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about Fly the Maddog X, visit the product website.  Stay tuned for more, according to the developer, “we have nice news for you in the next few days!”

*Image courtesy of Leonardo Software House.

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