Fly X Simulations Lanzarote, Development Update 3

SPAIN – Fly X Simulations has posted a new development update as well as some additional preview images concerning GCRR, Lanzarote Airport for X-Plane 11. Perhaps most important, the project has been classified as freeware and release is planned for August 3, 2019. Moreover, the developer discusses various features to be included as part of the final product as well as a celebratory VATSIM flight.

Given the length and depth of the update, I have included the complete article below. Please note, this is the final development update prior to release.

Hello and welcome to the third and final development update for FLY X Simulations Lanzarote! Firstly, we do apologise for the lack of communication from us, leading to some people even believing the project had been cancelled. We are grateful for your concern and have good news in that the project is very much alive and much progress has been made since we last published an update. As the project nears completion, we would like to give one last update containing a rundown on our progress, news about release such as date etc. and a celebratory group flight down to Lanzarote. Keep reading for further details on all of the subjects stated above.


So, what have we been up to in the past few months?

Well we have fully re-textured the main terminal of Lanzarote Airport with much higher resolution textures, which has greatly increased the quality and realism of the terminal building itself. Furthermore, all of the ground markings have been completed again using HD textures and PBR materials and we have added Ground wear and dirt bringing the apron to life and making it appear far more appealing and realistic, mimicking the real airport. We have added apron clutter across the main area of the airport creating a busy and bustling environment any international holiday airport carries with it. As well as this, we have finished modelling all of the buildings within the vicinity of the airport and some structures surrounding the airport including the car park and coach park for the airport. Another feature is vast amount of palm trees, which are a small addition to the scenery yet have a very significant effect on how the scenery is portrayed creating a hot and holiday like environment surrounding the airport.


Although the scenery is mostly complete, we have a few more features which we are yet to complete. Firstly, we are still placing bushes and shrubs around the airport and are still adding additional wear, dirt and cracks to the apron area. Furthermore there is some subtle ground features such as repaired apron cracks, manhole covers and drains. However, despite this, the scenery is almost fully complete and ready for release.



So, firstly, the most frequently asked question (besides release date) is “How much will it be?” Well we have some good news! After much careful consideration and debating amongst ourselves, we have decided to release Lanzarote as a freeware product! It will be available on the FLY X Simulations website at and from the forums at We hope you are pleased and perhaps surprised by this decision but we thought this was the best thing to do in our current position.

Release date:

Our intended release date is Saturday 3rd August, in the morning, a specific time will be posted on the Fly X Simulations website closer to the release date, just before the group flight (more details below)


To celebrate the release of the Lanzarote scenery on the Saturday 3rd August we will hold a group flight on the VATSIM network down to Lanzarote (GCRR) from London Gatwick (EGKK). The Flight will be live streamed at . Full details below


T/O TIME: 1430-1500 BST (1330-1400 Zulu/UTC)


DATE: 03/08/19

More information will be posted on the Fly X Simulations website closer to the day of the event. We hope to see as many of you there as possible to celebrate the release of the scenery with us!

To conclude, we hope you are all satisfied with our progress and are happy with the news shared in this update. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the release flight!

Next, check out the preview images.

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The original article is available via the developers website. Stay tuned for an official release announcement.

For reference purposes, we first reported regarding Fly X Simulations Lanzarote back in June 2018.

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