FlyInside Flight Simulator, December Update Released

As promised just last week, the development team at FlyInside Flight Simulator have released the highly anticipated December platform update.  According to the official release email, “The December Update adds all-new enhanced scenery, an augmented flight model, and a variety of small fixes and improvements!  Enjoy denser scenery objects, improved building models, and high-resolution ground imagery.”

Moreover, with respect to upcoming development objectives, the email explains, “Our next priorities are implementing scenery for Europe, and bringing the world to life by adding road/air traffic.”

The update can be installed from within the simulator using the “Check for Updates” option.

Lastly, FlyInside is now available via Steam as an early access title.  Existing customers can contact the FlyInside support team to request a product key.

Check out the December platform update video below.

The above information was included as part of a customer contact email and as such, there is no available source link.  To learn more about the simulation platform, visit the FlyInside website.

Thank you to Rafael for the tip.

*Video and feature image courtesy of FlyInside Flight Simulator.

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