FlyInside Flight Simulator, New Update

The development team behind FlyInside Flight Simulator have released a new product update.  Specifically, the update brings the platform up to version and includes various improvements, fixes, and additions to the existing build.  For those unfamiliar, FlyInside is a standalone 64-bit simulator platform using the latest rendering technology and featuring advanced VR support – the software was released back in October.

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Next, see a complete update changelog.

FlyInside Flight Simulator –

  • Fixes bug where cockpit gauges sometimes “freeze” and stop responding/updating
  • Fixes bug which was causing scenery-loading to freeze, and runaway memory usage
  • Stall characteristics are now more realistic (still a work in progress though, just getting started)
  • Engine-induced yaw now functions properly
  • Adds “Sim -> Rewind” option so you can rewind your flight at any time, rather than just after a crash
  • Adds additional bindings for switching views more convieniently
  • Improves B55 default seat position
  • Interactors (radio widget, arrows, etc) now properly appear at night
  • Fixed bug with “Set Weather” sometimes failing or crashing
  • Adds bindable axis for flaps
  • Adds “Start Engines” binding
  • Fixes bug w/ afterburner not fully activating intermittently
  • Improves Otter RPM simulation values
  • Fixes bugs w/ binding of Oculus Touch controls
  • Fixes audio-related crash
  • Fixes a couple of MD 530, B 55 systems bugs
  • Fixed several bugs with simulator failing to run after applying update

To review the original update announcement, see the source post via the official FlyInside Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more, visit the FlyInside website.

*Video and feature image courtesy of FlyInside Flight Simulator.

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