FlyInside Flight Simulator, Released

FlyInside Flight Simulator has officially been released. The software is a brand new standalone 64-bit simulator platform using the latest rendering technology and featuring advanced VR support. Performance wise, the simulator is designed to output very high frame rates at supersampled resolutions. Moreover, the initial release build features various well known aircraft including numerous MilViz titles as well as the TFDi Design Boeing 717.

Regarding default scenery, FlyInside utilizes various data sources including ortho-imagery, building footprints, and meta-data.  Although currently not at the level of other mainstream platforms, the groundwork is in place.  Please note, the initial release version includes scenery coverage for the continental United States only.

Check out the video trailer below.

Next, see a complete list of default aircraft.

  • MilViz B-55
  • MilViz 310R
  • MilViz T-50
  • MilViz DHC-3
  • MilViz 737
  • TFDi Design 717
  • MilViz T-38A
  • MilViz B-407
  • MilViz MD-530
  • MilViz CH-47D

The project is under constant development and as such, ongoing product updates are expected.  To learn more, review additional product media, or to purchase, visit the official FlyInside website.  As of the time of this writing, the software is priced at $32.00 USD.

*Video and feature image courtesy of FlyInside Flight Simulator.

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