FlyInside Flight Simulator, Major Update Coming Soon

The development team at FlyInside Flight Simulator are on the verge of releasing a major platform update.  According to the developer, “Next week we’re launching the December Update, which includes all-new scenery, world-objects, terrain shadows, and major flight-model improvements.  In addition to the new scenery and flight model, there are plenty of bug-fixes, usability improvements, and new features included.”

Check out a brief preview video below.

Moreover, in other related news, FlyInside Flight Simulator is going to be available on Steam in the coming days.  Existing customers will be able to obtain a product key from the developer.

Please note, the above information was included as part of a customer email and as such, there is no available source link.  However, to learn more about the simulation platform, visit the FlyInside website.

For those interested, FlyInside was first released back in October, see our release coverage for more information.

Thank you to Rafael for the tip.

*Video and feature image courtesy of FlyInside Flight Simulator.

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