FlyInside Flight Simulator, V0.6.0.0 Released

The development team at FlyInside Flight Simulator have released a new product update bringing the platform up to Version Perhaps most notable, the update features worldwide streaming imagery via Bing maps. Other items include usability enhancements, stability improvements, and reworked helicopter flight modelling.

Please see below for the complete release announcement.

The first thing you’ll notice when you fire up FlyInside 0.6 is the brand-new scenery. Instead of being limited to the US, you can fly nearly anywhere in the world. Rather than having generic neighborhoods, you’ll see detailed photoscenery, 1 ft/pixel resolution on most areas. Realistically placed houses, buildings, trees, and water make for a beautiful world to explore.

We’re streaming imagery from Bing Maps, so there’s no huge download. You don’t need a strong internet connection either, just a couple megabits per second.

Beyond scenery, you’ll find all sorts of little usability enhancements and stability improvements. Despite looking massively better, the simulator uses fewer resources and runs just as smoothly as before. Be sure to try out the improved helicopter flight model in the B407 and MD500, and learn to fly the T-38A with our new tutorial.

The original announcement is available via the FlyInside news page. Alternatively, for more information about FlyInside Flight Simulator, visit the official platform website.

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